How to tell if your house is haunted

In this article I will show you 5 signs that’s a house is haunted, really haunted not only the trend that makes many people flock to haunted houses at Halloween time to get their fix on getting scared by a dressed – up creature or goblin of some type. Some people do not have to leave their home for the exact identical fix. Pay careful attention to these 5 hints and at the end of the article you may decide for yourself if a home is haunted and what to do about it.

1. Strange noises

Black And White, Creepy, Ghost, HandPerhaps you have been awaken from a sleep by a sound which you can’t explain? I know I have and it’s extremely creepy. We have all heard the bumps in the night that we so readily discard because we don’t let our conscious mind procedure it may be paranormal. Most times this can be debunked as end or based on the time of the home, it may only be settling on its base.


Have you ever walked someplace and simply not felt right about being there? And no I am not referring to a blind date. What I am referring to is an honest to goodness feeling of despair or tingly setting up your backbone. Odds are that spirits are directing their energy.

3. Unexplained activity

Have you ever put something somewhere and when you went back to get it wasn’t there or had been transferred from its original place? This is readily explained if somebody else lives with you or you have other family members present. If this happens then it’s a sure sign.

4. Physical apparitions

I will share a personal experience with you that happened to me as a kid. I had a favorite uncle die suddenly in an auto accident and I was home by myself. I was only turning around to go into a different area and about halfway around I saw my dead uncle standing there in a white robe. You may call me silly but that is something which I have not forgot. Spirits can manifest themselves in all kinds of ways such as Possum Removal Cost, light or shadows anomalies in addition to a physical state. This is surely among the greatest signs that a house is haunted.


Maybe you have been home alone and just had the impression that you were not? If so then perhaps you were not alone like you thought.

Most spirits are benign and some aren’t. Should you come into contact with any black spirits or spirits which are causing you pain then you want to seek expert help right away like a priest or clergyman to give your home a cleansing. Good luck and I hope this report has helped you.

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